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Whether you would like to have a brochure or website translated into a foreign language, communicate with clients on the other side of the world, or understand a document written by your foreign contacts, Artha Translations can find the words you need for international growth.

We aim to offer you a HIGH-QUALITY translation that reflects the spirit and format of the source document, in the language of your choice and using terminology that is tailored to your specialist field and the document to be translated (technical, IT, legal or advertising, etc.). To achieve this, we work closely with you at all stages of your project, from start to finish, and use the most powerful resources in order to adhere to your stipulated timeframe and budget.

Our work methods include:

  • constant selection and training of personnel;
  • highly skilled native speaker translators specialized in specific fields;
  • continuous updating of terminology;
  • development and usage of glossaries and translation memories customized for each client;
  • compatibility with main word processing programs and Mac and PC layout;
  • strict quality control.

Our services, covering over 60 languages, include translation, localization, publishing, graphics and CAD, technical and editing services, printing, multimedia and website production.